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04.10.2017 г. Streltsov D. Russia–Japan relations are robust irrespective of island impasses
29.03.2017 г. Streltsov D.V. Russian Foreign Policy Towards Japan: Domestic Factors
21.03.2017 г. Streltsov D. New Friends: Russia and Japan Are Finding Common Ground
22.01.2017 г. Streltsov D. Russian-Japanese Summit: Who is the Winning Side?
13.09.2016 г. Dmitry Streltsov. Russian views of Japanese history
21.05.2016 г. Streltsov D. Talks on Russo-Japanese territorial disputes still going nowhere
01.02.2016 г. Dobrinskaya Olga. New trends in Japan’s strategy towards the South China Sea
15.01.2016 г. Dobrinskaya O. Japans role in the settlement of the Afghanistan issue: its motives and implications
23.09.2015 г. Streltsov D. Japan Goes Hard – New Military Law Adopted
01.04.2015 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Russo-Japanese Relations: What Should Be Done?
28.03.2015 г. Sarkisov Konstantin. Japan-US-China Triangle and Security in East Asia: a Triangle or an Axis?
28.03.2015 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Russian-Japanese Relations: a Systemic Crisis or a New Opportunity?
26.02.2015 г. Malashevskaya Maria. Japan's diplomacy conceptions towards Russia in 1990s and the "Suzuki group"
12.01.2015 г. Kistanov Valerii. The Japan-China territorial dispute and Russia
31.03.2014 г. Malashevskaya M. N. Negotiations between Russia and Japan in 1990s
27.02.2014 г. Streltsov D. Japan: A New National Security Policy
21.01.2014 г. Dobrinskaya Olga. Japan's Soft Power in Central Asia
20.11.2013 г. Kuzminkov Victor. Japan's Policy towards Russia in 2009-2013
20.11.2013 г. Kireyeva Anna. Japan-China Relations in the 2010s
20.11.2013 г. Kazakov Oleg. The Nuclear Factor in Japan's Climate Policy
20.11.2013 г. Paramonov Oleg. Japan-US Missile Defense
16.11.2013 г. Panov Alexander. Japan: the search for a "proper place" and "influential role"
12.10.2013 г. Dobrinskaya Olga. Japan and Turkmenistan on the way towards closer cooperation
08.10.2013 г. Ilyshev Alexander. On Some Approaches to Solving Problems in Russian-Japanese Relations
01.10.2013 г. Dobrinskaya Olga. The Concept of Human Security in Japan's Foreign Policy
24.09.2013 г. Sarkisov Konstantin. Japan. Time for a System Change?
22.09.2013 г. Kistanov Valery. Territorial Diplomacy as a Focal Point in Abe's Foreign Policy
20.09.2013 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Some Foreign Policy Priorities Facing Abe's Second Cabinet
24.07.2013 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Elections to the Upper House in Japan
21.07.2013 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Abe’s changing security policy
16.05.2013 г. Streltsov Dmitry. Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Russia
16.05.2013 г. Streltsov Dmitry. In Search of a Japanese Deng Xiaoping
26.04.2013 г. Panov Alexander, Ryssia’s position and role in Korean unification
23.12.2012 г. Streltsov Dmitry, Japan and the New Bipolarity in Asia
08.12.2012 г. Streltsov Dmitry, Japan on the Threshold of Early Parliamentary Elections
30.11.2012 г. Streltsov Dmitry, Japan: Where Is the Dialogue with Russia Headed?
30.11.2012 г. Shcherbinina Julia, Kuril dispute as a means of domestic political struggle
28.11.2012 г. Dobrinskaya Olga, What is the ‘Central Asia plus Japan' Dialogue about?
17.11.2012 г. Streltsov Dmitry, Japan after the rule of DPJ: threat perceptions and complexity of choices
26.09.2012 г. Dobrinskaya Olga, The future of Afghanistan a view from Tokyo
17.09.2012 г. Anisimov Alexander, Problem of the «Northern Territories» in the Japanese-Russian Relations
04.07.2012 г. Kistanov Valery, Japan and the United States...
11.05.2012 г. Streltzov Dmitry, The US-Japan Summit in Washington
16.04.2012 г. Streltzov Dmitry, Japanese Politics a Year after Fukushima
16.04.2012 г. Streltzov Dmitry, The Electoral Reform in Japan: What is Behind the Proposals of DPJ?
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