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30.03.2017 г. Fedyanina V.A. Jien’s poems on the Lotus Sutra
17.03.2017 г. Dobrinskaya Olga. Promotion of Japanese language as a cultural policy tool
01.02.2016 г. Fedianina V.A. Shinto studies in Russia
01.02.2016 г. Gerasimova M. Shinto Influence on the Aesthetic Consciousness of the Japanese
01.02.2016 г. Gerasimova M. Certain Aspects of Kawabata Yasunaris Poetic System
10.01.2016 г. Fedianina V.A. The history of the Tenjin cult as described in...
29.03.2015 г. Zaberezhnaya O.A. Individualistic thought in works of "Shirakaba-ha" literary society members
29.03.2015 г. Sycheva E.S. The image of kami, Shinto deities in anime and manga
06.04.2014 г. Oskina A. Proze and poetry in the nun Abutsu's (1221?-1283) diary called «Izayoi Nikki»
31.03.2014 г. Trubnikova N. N. Children and parents in the «Collection of Stone and Sand»
31.03.2014 г. Zaberezhnaya O.A. Naoya Shiga and Saneatsu Mushanokoji
31.03.2014 г. Borisova A.S. Temple concept and related idioms and figures of speech
31.03.2014 г. Bibik A.N. Japanese and Slavic folk demonology. Comparative analysis
31.03.2014 г. Babkova M.V. Do:gen on correlation of common and monastic ways
26.02.2014 г. Katasonova Y. Japanese Youth: a Few Strokes to Complement the Picture
26.02.2014 г. Katasonova Y. Modernization and problems of formation popular culture in pre-war Japan
22.02.2014 г. Maria Grajdian. TakaWiki and the Dialectics of Fandom and Knowledge in Late-Modernity
31.08.2013 г. Rodica Frentiu. Japanese Calligraphy - Act of Intuitive Revelation of the Sacred
21.02.2013 г. Mikhailova Yulia. The Visual Language of Japanese Political Cartoons
21.12.2012 г. Kilina Elena, Cubicle shelter: new home for Tokyo homeless
17.11.2012 г. Semenenko Elizaveta, Japan's cultural diplomacy: How to conquer the world through pop-culture?
17.11.2012 г. Toropygina Maria, The Arisugawa Collection: History and Book Repertoire
17.11.2012 г. Vityazeva Olga, Marriage Practices in the Heian Period Types and Forms
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