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29.03.2017 г. Fedyanina V.A. The concept of evil spirits in the historic theory of monk Jien
25.03.2016 г. Shchepkin V.V. Russian and Japanese Primary Sources on Antipin and Shabalins Expedition...
05.01.2016 г. Mesheryakov A.N. Emperor Sho:mu : Slave of Buddha or Faithful Servant of Shinto Gods?
29.03.2015 г. Kubasov F. On one document belonging to the Sawamura family archive
29.03.2015 г. Desyatnikova K.A. Revisiting a collective role of Edo residents and authorities
12.03.2015 г. Toropygina Maria V. Japanese Manuscripts at the Russian State Library and the History
31.03.2014 г. Novikova A. A. Vision of European countries and people...
31.03.2014 г. Kulanov A. Lubyanka ninja: 7 names of Roman Kim
31.03.2014 г. Dulina А. М. The two sides of Hachiman deity cult
31.03.2014 г. Vlasova N. V. On the Japanese missions to Tang China by the example of...
31.03.2014 г. Sablina E.B. Sergei Prokofiev in Japan
20.11.2013 г. Batakova Alisa. Problems of the Historical Past in Japanese-South Korean Relations
10.01.2013 г. Pestushko Y.S. The unknown pages of the japanese espionage (1906-1917)
17.11.2012 г. Lozhkina Anastasia, The Image of Japan in the Notions of the Soviet Leaders in 1931-1933
17.09.2012 г. Pestushko Yuriy, Russo-Japanese relations in 1905-1907...
17.09.2012 г. Pestushko Yuriy, Debate in the Political Circles...
17.09.2012 г. Osipova Marina, N.A. Nevsky's ethnolinguistic investigations among the Hokkaido ainu
20.06.2012 г. Akimova Antonina, Ethnographic component as a part of a missionary diary
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