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03.07.2012 г.
The web-journal «Japan Studies in Russia» is launched with the aim to create a new forum for communication between Japan researchers of Russia and their colleagues abroad. This format is designed to attract the attention of not only expert and academic community, but also of media, students and postgraduates, of all those people whose professional and personal interests are associated with Japan.

Our goal is to ensure the timely publication, both in Russian and in English, of the online versions of academic papers, reports, essays and other academic publications in the sphere of Japanese studies. You can publish both the articles written exclusively for this web-journal and the already published scientific papers adapted to the requirements of this site, with the indication of the source.

We hope this web-journal will promote further understanding betweenJapan researchers of Russian Federation and other countries of the world.

Requirements for online publications:
  • Title of the article.
  • First and Last of the author (in full), scientific title, place of work.
  • Volume: 8-10 thousand characters.
  • Other requirements are common for scientific publications.
The doc files should be sent on the following e-mail address: Этот e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Для его просмотра в вашем браузере должна быть включена поддержка Java-script

Editorial Board:
  • Dmitri V. Streltsov, editor-in-chief (politics, sociology)
  • Irina P. Lebedeva (economics)
  • Elena L. Katasonova (language and culture)
  • Aleksandr N. Meshcheryakov (history)
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