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Каваниси Сигэтада. Подъем Азии и взазимоотношения между странами СВА Печать E-mail
08.12.2013 г.
The rising of Asia in modern times and the inter-relationships between major north-eastern Asian countries



1. アジアの盟主は経済の分野でも2005年の時点で既に日本から中国に移っている

2. 中国の成長が続けば近い将来、中国と韓国の2国だけでアメリカに並ぶと予想される

3. この現象は最近の経済現象ではなく、実は200年以上も前のアジアの再現でもある

4. アジア共同体、アジアユーラシアにおける共通の知的枠組み作りが必要とされている。例えばアジアユーラシア・シンクタンク構想、地域間連携の教育,事業の実践、など

Asian countries are rising out of their long, stagnant times, and they are currently showing higher levels of growth than those of any other global region. How we accept and understand this rise of Asia, and the rise of China in particular, is a monumental challenge to all other nations around the world. At this time I would like to cover the following four points:

1. The Asian leader has changed from being Japan to that of China since 2005.

2. The economic growth of China will continue from now on and only two countries, China and Korea, are forecasted to catch up with America in the immediate future.

3. In fact, this economical phenomenon is not unique. It is a reoccurrence of what happened 200 or 300 years ago in Asia.

4. We need to make a common framework of intellectual bodies within the Asian community. Asian and Eurasian areas, for example, could work on detailed plans for an Asian-Eurasian think-tank project, which facilitates the co-operation of education and industry in those areas.
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