Dmitry Streltsov. Russian views of Japanese history
13.09.2016 г.

Russian views of Japanese history

Dmitry Streltsov

After the end of the Cold War, the Russian political establishment inherited earlier stereotypes of Japan. The overwhelming majority of Russians, even those who received historical education in the post-Soviet period, adopted the Cold War postulates regarding Japan and Russo/Soviet-Japanese relations: the Soviet entry in the war against Japan was an act of ultimate historical justice; Japan as a defeated country should bear this status with humility; the results of WWII  are inviolable; and Japan is a subordinate country with "semi-colonial status," which at best, does not control its own foreign policy, or, at worst, is a satellite of the United States and, hence, the geopolitical adversary of Russia.

Asian Forum, July - August 2016 Vol.4, No.4